China Resources Huagang Hotel Suzhou

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyDC Alliance
Lead ArchitectZhe Cui
Design TeamPengCheng Lu, ShanShan Hu, LianRu Liu, YuanKai Wang, XiangKun Cao, Jia Ji
ClientChina Resources

Located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China Resources Huagang Hotel connects with the urban trunk road and rail traffic system in the east, enjoying convenient transportation, and borders on Taihu Lake in the southwest, having superior landscape resources and making the hotel a good place for travel and business accommodation. Huagang Hotel, covering a total construction area of 27383.12 square meters, has a building height of 59.9 meters, with 15 floors and 224 rooms. The public area and ancillary functions of the hotel are arranged around courtyards of different sizes