Wenzhou Xialao Future Community Urban Gallery

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Company9M Design
Lead ArchitectHe Min, Wang Zhuo, Pan Kecheng
Design TeamWang Zhuo, Pan Kecheng, Xu Haokang, Wang Yiqun, Wu Hongzhou, Chen Jian, Wu Wen, Wang Yikan, Li Xianliang, Du Haijian, Sun Shangwen, Jin Quanbao, Yu Chenrui
ClientChina DAJA

Located in Wenzhou, China, the project is one of the second batches of future community pilot projects. After the demonstration period, it will continue to be used as a permanent urban exhibition hall for the whole district. Our team started from the two aspects of structural design and material selection to solve the problem of land restrictions. Inventing brand-new structural systems such as reinforced concrete core tube and steel structure truss suspension, a transparent, continuous and free suspended exhibition hall is created.