[Gansam Co. Ltd / OMA - Hanwha Galleria Gwanggyo - COVER IMG] Hanwha Galleria Gwanggyo. main exterioir

Hanwha Galleria Gwanggyo

Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
CompanyGansam Co. Ltd / OMA
Lead ArchitectTaijip Kim / Taesung Kim
Design TeamShinhee Won / Jiseung Oh
ClientHanwha Galleria Co., Ltd.

The store is located between the Gwanggyo Lake Park and ubiquitous buildings in the city: an intersection between nature and the urban environment. The store has a textured mosaic stone façade that evokes nature of the neighbouring park. Appearing as a sculpted stone emerging from the ground, the store is a visual anchor in the city. The public route has a multifaceted glass façade that contrasts with the opacity of the stone. Through the glass, retail and cultural activities inside are revealed to the city’s passers-by, while visitors in the interior acquire new vantage points to experience.