[NIHON SEKKEI (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.; UNStudio - Shanghai Jiuguang Center  - COVER IMG] Main Facade on the Highway Side As a Symbol of the Community©Aaron&Rex

Shanghai Jiuguang Center

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationNO.2188 Gonghexin Road.,Jing An District Shanghai, China
CompanyNIHON SEKKEI (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.; UNStudio
Lead ArchitectNIHON SEKKEI: Kei Kato; UNStudio: Ben van Berkel
Design TeamNIHON SEKKEI: Kyoto Kaya*, Li Shen, Jinnouchi Toru, Wenjie Lee, Wanyu Yao, Guangyu Ni; UNStudio: Astrid Piber, Hannes Pfau, Ger Gijzen, Marc Salemink, Sontaya Bluangtook, Dongbo Han (*Former Employee)
ClientLifestyle China Group Limited

Shanghai Jiuguang Center is a brand new retail destination, which sits in the middle of a bustling Shanghai neighborhood, and reflects a symbiotic relationship between commercial aspirations and architectural interventions. With the aim to stimulate regional vitality and the goal of creating curated Shopping experiences for different users, Nihon Sekkei and UNStudio designed a building that strikes a balance between architectural and interior design, building scale and human scale, geometry and materials and inside-outside relationship, and created a placemaking location for all.