[lequang-architects (LAB), LJ-Group, SCA - Binh Dinh Green Waves - COVER IMG] view to the mountain| image by lequang-architects

Binh Dinh Green Waves

Firm LocationBerlin, Germany
Project locationBinhdinh, Vietnam
Companylequang-architects (LAB), LJ-Group, SCA
Lead ArchitectQuang Le, Pedro Vasques Pedalino Costa, Vinh Phan
Design TeamDaniel Alonso Fernandez, Thanh Tung Nguyen, Hanh Song Phan Thi, Kha Pham Tuan, Ha Nguyen, Luan Ho Gia, Duy Phan
ClientBinh Dinh city| Vietnam

Not only is it a single cultural building, but Binh Dinh General Museum is also a destination for everyone in the city. It is both a museum, a biological park, a resting place for people, and also an R&D Research Center. With a unique location on the coastline, the project becomes the ideal connection between nature and people, tradition and modernity, history and vision for the future. The rhythmic movement of the building creates a connection between the waterfront area in the east and the dramatic mountain landscape in the West.