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Sunshine Skyway Bridge Pride Week Light Display Theme/Robert Neff

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Pride Week Light Display Theme

PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Bridges
LocationSaint Petersburg, United States
StudioRobert Neff Photography
PhotographerRobert Neff

In 2019, Sunshine Skyway Bridge added dynamic light display with six colorful themes where new themes were available for special causes. For Pride Week, a special Pride and Transgender 7-minute color theme had three segments. The unique perspective is from Skyway Fishing Pier State Park's North Pier at 2 a.m. The rainbow colors are vibrant on the Skyway Bridge, but also between North and Southbound bridge’s separation, allowing colors to escape. On the 1200' main span, the traffic pattern shifts to allow workers to paint the bridge cables. Headlights illuminate new barrier fence.