[architectural studio ZJA - Freedom Museum, Groesbeek - COVER IMG] architectural studio ZJA

Freedom Museum, Groesbeek

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Companyarchitectural studio ZJA
Lead Architectarchitectural studio ZJA
Design TeamThe museum has its new home in a Shaded Dome, developed and supplied by Shaded Dome Technologies
ClientFreedom Museum, Groesbeek

With a Shaded Dome as its roof, the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek is an icon. The Shaded Dome consists of an inflated dome, a network of steel cables and a cover made of hi-tech textile. The cover is a shield against extreme climate. Limiting solar radiation creates a comfortable indoor climate. The dome is completely supported by air pressure, which allows for an extremely flexible construction. With its Shaded Dome, the museum is an extremely efficient and sustainable building with minimal use of materials. Moreover, the operating costs are low and the materials used can be recycled.