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Zhengzhou Grand Theater

Firm LocationZhengzhou, China
Project locationZhengzhou,China
CompanyThe Architectural Design and Research Institute of HIT Co.,Ltd.
Lead ArchitectMei Hongyuan
Design TeamMei Hongyuan, Chen Jianfei, Zhao Jian, Wu Xinde, Chen Yu, Bai Yu, Zhang Daiyan, Wang Congfei, Zhang Xiaodong, Wang Zhimin, Zhang Lixin, Yuan Zhenjun
ClientZhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

Completed in May 2020 and occupying a gross floor area of about 128,000 square meters, Zhengzhou Grand Theater mainly accommodates a theater hall, a concert hall, a multifunctional hall, an opera rehearsal hall, and other ancillary spaces. As the highest-level performing arts landmark in Central Plain Region of China, Zhengzhou Grand Theater takes “A boat of art sailing on the Yellow River” as the design concept. Through contemporary architectural languages, the project creates the image of a majestic “ship”, which conveys the significant culture and civilization of Central Plain.