Shuikou Mountain Workers Movement Memorial Museum

Firm LocationChangsha, China
Project locationHengyang,China
CompanyYang Ying Design Studio
Lead ArchitectYang Ying
Design TeamChen Han,Zhou Guanzhi,Wang Daojun,Li Xiufeng, He Liling,Xiao Miaosi
ClientHunan Shuikoushan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The project is in memory of Shuikou Mountain workers' movement which was the great beginning of the joint revolution of workers and peasants to promote China's social progress in the 1920s. It takes the landscape characteristics of the highlands and lowlands, and combines them with the rich-heritage of this site, allowing the historical events to be captured and conveyed through dynamic spatial association. The design captures a reverence between the architecture and the visitors to this unique place, as memories become awakened by meaning embedded within form, texture and space.