United Nations Geospatial Information Management Forum Permanent Site of Deqing County

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationHuzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Lead ArchitectWu Zhenling, Chen Bing
Design TeamChen Yu, Zhu Rui, Zhang Jiachen, Fan Zhenyue, Cai Xiaobing, Fang Tao
ClientManagement Committee of Science and Technology New Town, Deqing County

Built on an island on the Phoenix Lake, the project is the venue of the 1st United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress, and a window for the world to see Deqing County. Taking the creation of pastoral landscape in Deqing County as the starting point, the design aims to indicate the local geographical features beyond formal level, through flexible outdoor and indoor spaces, and the dynamic exterior shape of the architecture. It is an urban public space, where every guest , can feel the modern and natural artistic conception, with thought waves and emotional resonance being inspired.