[Valerio Dewalt Train - Ford Calumet Environmental Center - COVER IMG] Tom Harris Photography

Ford Calumet Environmental Center

Firm LocationChicago, United States
CompanyValerio Dewalt Train
Lead ArchitectJoe Valerio
Design TeamJoe Valerio; Mark Dewalt; Tom Daly; Alexander Raynor; Lauren Shelton; Matt Gamache; Michael Johnson; Susan Crockett; Nina Cackovic; Haydyn Jones; Joe Lawton; Allison Rokusek; Jacob Goble; Rafael Barontoni; Stephen Killion; Matrix Engineering; dbHMS; Chicago Commercial Construction; Jacobs Ryan Associates; Primera Engineers; Biohabitats; Tetra Tech; Xibitz Grand Rapids Michigan; Spring Moon
ClientChicago Park District

Once an ecological sanctuary dominated by wetlands, the Calumet Region was altered by more than a century of unregulated industrialization before becoming the Chicago Park District’s largest reclamation project. The Ford Calumet Environmental Center (FCEC) serves to educate visitors about its past and set precedent for a sustainable future where industry, nature and culture can coexist. The facility features a permanent exhibit, classrooms, offices, a bike repair area, restrooms, and storage spaces.