Roma Tre University Rectorate

Firm LocationBologna, Italy
CompanyMario Cucinella Architects
Lead ArchitectMario Cucinella
Design TeamP. Greco, F. Bonatti, G. Desiderio, J. Gutarra, A. Bruno, S. Carrisi, E. Dionigi, G. Lenci, P. Marziali, G. Perrone, G. Sanna, A. Miele, D. Morelli, M. Roveri, K. Shkroban, A. Nardozzi, L. Vernocchi, Y. Costantini, A. Monacelli, S. Beldean.

The MCA project is developed in two distinct buildings that house the CLA Institute, the administration offices of the University, and the Rectorate. The whole project aims to minimize the energy demand to operate. The buildings were conceived and oriented starting from the study of the peculiarities of the area, in terms of irradiation, winds, rainfall, and temperatures. Their elliptical shape allows a thinning on the east and west fronts allowing a reduction of the glare phenomena and summer overheating; to maximize these effects, the overhanging terraces modulate the solar impact.