[Takeru Shoji Architects - YNS/Yamaikarashi Nursery School - COVER IMG] Koji Fujii / TOREAL

YNS/Yamaikarashi Nursery School

Firm Location, Japan
CompanyTakeru Shoji Architects
Lead ArchitectTakeru Shoji / Yuki Hirano

“To be with nature, to grow by nature” - Located at the end of a winding pathway atop of a sand dune, this building provides a diverse base for children filled with characterful rooms and recesses. The winding, narrow streets that characterize the village are drawn into the nursery school and made into exterior corridors that continue to the back of the building so that the children's smiling faces will appear as if they are in the village. It seems that the very seeds of " creating a nursery school like a village and fostering a village like a nursery school" are beginning to sprout.