House of Music and Theatre

Firm LocationValladolid, Spain
CompanyArias Garrido Arquitectos SLP
Lead ArchitectJavier Arias Madero, Susana Garrido Calvo
Design TeamSara Acebes Anta, Beatriz Fernández García, Alberto López del Río, Lara Redondo González, María Eugenia Ruiz Heras
ClientAyuntamiento de Arroyo de la Encomienda

The volumetry of the building responds to the need to solve two different programs: Auditorium and School of Music. A large volume is located at the north end of the plot, housing the auditorium and its related rooms; the rest of the smaller rooms house the classrooms from the music school. This volumetric atomization has a double intention: to escape from a massive building and to minimize the noise pollution between classrooms. The auditorium intends to bring the past and the future of theatrical/musical performance face to face. The musical metaphor appears many times in the proposal.