[Hariri Pontarini Architects - Nicol Building, Sprott School of Business - COVER IMG] Exterior view of the Nicol Building, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University Credit: doublespace photography

Nicol Building, Sprott School of Business

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project location Ottawa, ON
CompanyHariri Pontarini Architects
Lead ArchitectSiamak Hariri
Design TeamDoron Meinhard (Project Manager), Ladan Niknam (Architect)
ClientCarleton University

The Nicol Building is designed to be a vivid expression of the culture at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. The inviting curved form, transparent base, and open, dynamic spaces create an embrace that reaches out to campus life on all sides. Packed around a three-storey hive in a skylit atrium, flexible classrooms, glass seminar rooms, and break-out spaces activate and energize the space. The design translates the School’s ambition to be inclusive and to nurture and inspire its community. BubbleDeck void form technology reduces concrete use in this 4.5 Green Globes design.