Firm LocationParis, France
Project locationNianing, SENEGAL
CompanyIN SITU architecture
Lead ArchitectNicolas Vernoux-Thélot
Design TeamAlexandra Teplova architect (team INSITU) - general contractor G2C
ClientMinistry of Education of Senegal - Malicounda Public High School

This project is located in Nianing, in Senegal, and consists of creating eight new classrooms and an amphitheater for the public high school of Malicounda. The layout of the classrooms is based on the morphology of xerophytic plants to create an exterior envelope that promotes natural convection. Openings have been made in the lower and upper parts of the classrooms to promote air circulation and cooling. The walls are made of raw earth brick and the ceilings are made of Ronier palm fiber. The building is completely autonomous thanks to solar panels and rainwater recovery.