[NAT architecten (previous Quay architects) - De Kleine Kapitein - COVER IMG] Big ambitions for a small school, a school building for bats, birds, and kids too!

De Kleine Kapitein

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Project locationAmsterdam, The Netherlands
CompanyNAT architecten (previous Quay architects)
Lead ArchitectFrank v. Manen, Chantal van Dillen, Sjoerd Landman
Design TeamMatteo Cozzi, Giusy Mazzarella, Iñigo Berriozabal, John Bosch
ClientSTAIJ, Gemeente Amsterdam

This new school in a transformed harbour area of Amsterdam. The first building in Amsterdam for school children and young gymnasts with Olympic aspirations. The school has an open structure, created from flexible steel. The classrooms have an open connection with learning plazas and the facades are clad with leftover bricks with built-in nests for birds, bats, and insects. This innovative nature-inclusive solution combined with green roofs, and a full solar electric system (no fossil fuel to be found here) for heating and cooling creates an extremely sustainable and energy-neutral building.