Xiamen Humanity Maternity

Firm LocationMontreux, Switzerland
Project locationXiamen, China
CompanyLemanarc SA
Lead ArchitectVincent Zhang
Design TeamDaniel Pauli, Cao Feng, Xia Jinling, Dong Weibin, Cristiano Sardinha & Casiana Kennedey
ClientXiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital brings a precise design which successfully achieves an improvement in professional service from both gynecologists and obstetrics. This efficiency is explored through its unique form which makes childbirth and its related medical treatments positively memorable. From pre-delivery all the way to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth, Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital provides a full chain of services, becoming a live theatre performance which celebrates the ceremony of life.