[SSP Rüthnick Architekten - European Center of Jewish scholarship - COVER IMG] North Gate Building and Orangery/Maro Niemann

European Center of Jewish scholarship

Firm LocationBerlin, Germany
CompanySSP Rüthnick Architekten
Lead ArchitectElisabeth Rüthnick
Design TeamMaren Kirmse, Sylvia Wallau, Evelyn Walendy, Johanna Edelmann
ClientBrandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen (BLB) on behalf of the State of Brandenburg

Conversion of the North Gate Building and the Orangery in the Sanssouci Palace Park, Germany. The valuable, 250-year-old historic fabric of the buildings, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, was preserved as far as possible and carefully restored in a manner appropriate to the monument. It houses the first academic education center for rabbis and cantors in Central Europe after the Shoah. Potsdam's first synagogue is located in the center of the listed ensemble. The original use of the Orangery should be recognizable again by getting back the typical character with contemporary means.