Torre des Pi des Català

Firm LocationFormentera, Spain
Project locationPlatja de Migjorn, Formentera, Spain
CompanyMarià Castelló, Architecture
Lead ArchitectMarià Castelló Martínez
Design TeamBuilding Engeneer: Francesc Ribas Tur | Structure: Ferran Juan Nicolau | Archaeological follow-up: María José Escandell | Collaborators: Marga Ferrer, Natàlia Castellà, Sonia Iben-Jellal, Jaume Escandell, Javier Colomar, Ferran Bonet | Builder : Refoart S.L.
ClientConsell Insular de Formentera

The Pi des Català Tower is one of the four defensive towers on the coast of the island of Formentera. Built between 1762-1763, they were used for defensive surveillance up to 1867. In order to ensure the overall integrity, character and identity of the monument, the materials used in the restoration are very similar to the originals. Taking advantage of the existing hole in the east zone of the ground floor, a door was installed to allow the entrance of visitors. The carpentry and new elements are made with Corten steel to emphasize even more its contemporary and probably ephemeral character.