[Laguarda.Low Architects - Chengdu Co-Innovation and Cooperation Center - COVER IMG] Overall Aerial ©Arch-Exist Photography

Chengdu Co-Innovation and Cooperation Center

Firm LocationNew York, United States
Project locationChengdu,China
CompanyLaguarda.Low Architects
Lead ArchitectPablo Laguarda, FAIA
Design TeamJames Wu, Jin Liang AIA, Christopher Powers AIA, Xinzhi Pan LEED AP, Xiaoyan Hu LEED AP, Jiteng Yang AIA, Qi Wang LEED GA, Yiheng Yu, Chen Han, Miguel Diaz
ClientVanke Group

Emerging from the rigid urban grid of the neighboring district, the project is a striking composition of multiple layers applied to a seemingly endless spiral. The ascending and descending halves of the spiral dance around the block, encircling the site with sensuous undulating forms. The two opposing crescents float around an elliptical oasis like Koi fish passing in a pond. The urban garden created within the crescents is contraposed to surrounding high-rise towers in a whimsical nod to the orthogonal grid in which it resides.