Hetao Shenzhen-Hongkong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone East Wing-1 Design Project

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectAedas: Leo Liu, Keith Griffiths
Design TeamHong Kong Huayi Design Consultants (S.Z) Ltd.
ClientShenzhen-Hongkong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone Development Co. Ltd.

With a unique geographical location, this development is an important R&D exchange area, and the gateway between Shenzhen and Hongkong. The 250m main building recalls the form and extending gesture of the Chinese parasol tree whilst also responding to the urban texture. The metaphor reflects on the concept of hospitality embracing talents around the world, and signaling shared prosperity between this two cities. The retail podium is shaped like trees to create a lively atmosphere. The Zijin pavilion, is placed at the crown of the building to echo and augment the vision of shared prosperity.