[Architect-K - Two Triangles - COVER IMG] South Perspective/ Yoon Joonhwan

Two Triangles

Firm LocationBusan, Korea, Republic of
Project locationSeoSeang Ulsan City
Lead ArchitectKichul Lee
Design TeamGyuhee Park
ClientGreetvi Coffee

A cafe is not anymore just a commercial space. The user’s action taking place is entirely public and open. Two Triangles provides the multi-layered experiences of going back and forth between the two triangles of different levels. The experiences from the scenery of the ocean in the intended spaces become ‘Moments of Space,’ which are instantly recognized and operated by users. In that process, the café’s function, like libraries, salons, concert halls, and recharging spaces, has been exceptional in their daily lives. Two Triangles is promoting the value of architecture to the general public.