[ADARC International Studio Limited - The Lantern Art Space - COVER IMG] ADARC International Studio Ltd

The Lantern Art Space

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Project locationFoshan, China
CompanyADARC International Studio Limited
Lead ArchitectAllan Ting
Design TeamJason Wei, Amelia Chan, Cowen Chow, Carrie Li

The Lantern Art Space is adjacent to Fengjian Water Town,which has a thousand years of reputation as a water town,and has a strong local cultural heritage.The vision of its transformation is to use such existing buildings to reinterpret the value of Lingnan culture in a humble posture,introverted but containing energy.Use simple materials to create a new design language, reflecting the spirit of daring to transcend tradition and enterprising innovation in Lingnan culture.Use the charm of the material itself to reactivate the site and construct a pragmatic,diverse and compatible socical value.