[Cera Stribley - Hubert Estate - COVER IMG] Kristoffer Paulsen

Hubert Estate

Firm LocationMelbourne, Australia
CompanyCera Stribley
Lead ArchitectDomenic Cerantonio
Design TeamChris Stribley, Jessica Coulter, Danny Tong, Darcy Kay, Katherine McDonald
ClientRyan Hospitality Group in collaboration with Treasury Premium Brands

The pièce de résistance of Hubert Estate is the sense of anticipation and arrival that is cultivated from the moment you first catch a glimpse of it from Maroondah Highway. The ‘eyelid’ shape of the cellar door rises up from the ground in a single, swift curve. Visitors approach via a paved pathway that runs between the two sheds–housing the restaurant and function centre–and the new cellar door, which is camouflaged seamlessly within the landscape. A monumental pair of board-formed concrete walls puncture the back of the grassy mound, directing intrigue toward the cellar door.