[Studio Lotus - RAAS Chhatrasagar - COVER IMG] Photography Credits - Avesh Gaur

RAAS Chhatrasagar

Firm LocationNew Delhi, India
Project locationNimaj, Rajasthan
CompanyStudio Lotus
Lead ArchitectAmbrish Arora
Design TeamAmbrish Arora , Ayesha Hussain, Deepesh Harbola, Pranvi Jain, Mallika Gupta
ClientWalled City Hotels / Mr. Nikhilendra Singh

RAAS Chhatrasagar is a 16-key hospitality property located near the town of Nimaj, in Rajasthan’s Pali district. Perched atop a nearly 150-year-old check dam that forms a perennial rainwater lake, it reinvents an earlier property that used to operate out of seasonal tents, thereby providing guests with a year-round opportunity to observe the region’s abundant biodiversity amidst 800 acres of pristine forestland.