[Smith Vigeant architectes inc. - Water intake, Aqueduct Canal - COVER IMG] Water intake, Aqueduct Canal / Photography David Boyer

Water intake, Aqueduct Canal

Firm LocationMontréal, Canada
Project locationMontreal, Canada
CompanySmith Vigeant architectes inc.
Lead ArchitectDaniel Smith
Design TeamDaniel Smith, (Associate Senior Architect, Smith Vigeant Architectes); Stéphan Vigeant,( Associate Senior Architect, Smith Vigeant Architectes); Anik Malderis, (Architect, Smith Vigeant Architects); Mariana Segui, (Architect, Smith Vigeant Architects), Jennifer Dykes, (Intern, Smith Vigeant Architects)
ClientCity of Montreal

In order to improve water quality, the City of Montreal has built a new water intake along the Aqueduct Canal. The concept was clearly inspired by the nature of water, the metaphor infuses both the materials and the composition. From a utilitarian building dedicated to concealment, the architects have, through their formal choices, attempted an architecture in harmony with its environment which expresses in the public space values essential to the life of the communities. Sleek, bright and straightforward, the water and light building also offers a visual signature that enlivens the space.