Conversion of Jurkovič Heating Plant National Cultural Monument in Bratislava

Firm LocationBratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Project locationSky Park by Zaha Hadid Bratislava Slovakia
Lead ArchitectMartin Pasko
Design TeamConversion Lead Architect: Martin Pasko + DF Creative Group team; Co-arch.: Z.Zacharova,E.Bellakova,M.Podskalicky,M.Michalkova,A.Havranova; Facades: P.Pauliny,V.Viglasova,J.Kresan/Pamarch; Interiors of shell & core+auditorium: DF Creative Group; Base4Work rental fit-out: J.Antal,B.Babocka/Studio Perspektiv; Restaurant Werk fit-out: Beef architects; Cafe Dot Gallery fit-out: Point architects
ClientPenta Real Estate

The solution highlights many historical construction details, the original rugged columns and especially the dominant three hoppers, for which the reconstruction created an original representative space with materials in their original "roughness" and color. New added constructions, new inserted materials with their distinguishable structure (added brick walls from the original fasade and wals more than 31 thousand bricks, heraklith wall cladding, original concrete structure ..) and various current already modern technical details are legible and present the basic principle of "truthfulness".