[IDOM - SAICA RDI Building - COVER IMG] General view /Iñaki Bergera

SAICA RDI Building

Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
Lead ArchitectEduardo Aragües, José Ángel Ruiz
Design TeamOther architects: Jorge Olano, Covadonga Celigueta; Costs and Project Execution Management: Luis Mingarro; Structures: Fernando López; Environmental Engineering, Acoustics, Sustainability, Public Health Services: Jorge Guillén; Lighting, Electrical Engineering: Alfredo Navarro; Telecommunication: Alejandro Mariñelarena; Fire Strategy: Jesús Sau; CAD: Sergio Cubero

Innovation is a core element of the philosophy of SAICA. The R&D Centre project for such a company also had to be innovative in its own right: • Function: open workspaces, a central core that allows for informal meetings and maximum flexibility. • Sustainability: "zero consumption" building, with passive strategies (maximum thermal insulation, solar protection through overhangs and horizontal louvers) and active strategies (geothermal energy with active heat recovery system, thermoactive structure, BMS, etc.). Materials: high percentage of recycled elements, low emissivity and high technology