[Ulf Wallin Photography - Parcel 6&7 - COVER IMG] Ulf Wallin

Parcel 6&7

PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Commercial Exterior
LocationRockville, United States
StudioUlf Wallin Photography
PhotographerUlf Wallin

Showing how 680 & 670 Maine relates to the waterfront, with it's amazing views of Potomac River, while also incorporating the two towers, and the connecting bridge. Reflections was my choice in doing so, while at same time this allowed me to create a glowing panoramic sunset horizon. These twin towers office buildings are connected by 2nd story bridge containing office spaces and with an outdoor area on top. All with amazing waterfront views. They project is part of the DC Wharf Phase Two expansion currently taking place, transforming the area along Potomac River, Washington DC.