[ZJA - Theunis bridge, Merksem - COVER IMG] Theunisbrug Merksem by architectural studio ZJA Copyright photo Schreder_Eric Muller

Theunis bridge, Merksem

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Project locationAntwerpen, Belgium
Lead ArchitectZJA
Design TeamArcadis & Sweco; THV Artes-Stadsbader-Taveirne; OKRA Landscape architects
ClientDe Vlaamse Waterweg

With its dark pillars, its dazzling white towers with their open structures and its meticulous detailing, the new Theunis Bridge is a striking presence in the urban landscape of Antwerp and an improvement both for shipping and for people wishing to cross. The steel bridge is built in three separate parts, taking cyclists, cars and trams pleasantly and safely to the other side as if along a boulevard, with free play for the daylight in between. The canal banks and the passageway under the bridge have been through a metamorphosis too, resulting in safe, pleasant, hospitable urban surroundings.