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[MASS OPERATIONS - CORPORATIVO FARMACIAS DEL AHORRO - COVER IMG] Corporativo Farmacias del Ahorro Mty - North Facade


Firm LocationMonterrey, Mexico
Lead ArchitectViviano Villarreal-Buerón
Design TeamArchitecture: MASS OPERATIONS Viviano Villarreal-Buerón Fernando Flores Nelson Ontiveros Daniel Cruz Landscape: Orcotec Adrian Casas

The project strives to solve 2 problems which plague this typology in the city:a) Unscrupulous vertical growth, b) Lack of public space. By illustrating these problems, we convinced our client to opt for a horizontal scheme: A low, well-connected building, protected from the southern/western sun and open towards the north. A building that creates a plaza at its center, universally accessible, which becomes a permeable and ambiguous area between the public and the private, setting a precedent against the rigidity and intransigence that these buildings often present.