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Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation‚Ä®

Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyShanghai TIANHUA Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd.
Lead ArchitectYue Gu, Yuanjun Chen
Design TeamHe He, Yuan Yong, Shuoshuo Li, Hangrui Zhang, Chen Zhu, Guanting Zhou, Zhi Xu, Shiliang Pan, Chao Li, Baojun Zhang, Haifeng Cheng, Xuechen Lu, Yun Gong, Yuanyu Zhu, Yang Lu
ClientNanjing Jiangbei New District CBD Investment Development Co., Ltd

The project is located by the Pearl Riverside of Nanjing Jiangbei new district. Being the first institution established abroad by Cambridge, as well as the only overseas scientific and innovation center named after Cambridge, it will play an important role in transforming original scientific achievements, and international academic communication. Besides the functions of scientific research and academic activities, this project also get involved into the urban life of Nanjing by bringing cross-cultural communication and proposing innovated ecological system.