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UP! BERLIN façade / HG. Esch


Firm LocationRincón 468 piso 4° (11000) Montevideo, Uruguay
Project locationBerlin, Germany
Lead ArchitectMartin Jasper
Design TeamMartin Jasper, Jörg Westphal, Henry Pudewill, Georg Gewers, Alexander Mendelsohn, Nabil Rajjoub, André Flaskamp, Andrey Yordanov, Sara Staschiok, Dennis Trutty, Hanui Sori You, Tobias Becker, Astrid Pudszuhn, Simon Lindenberg, Lene Nettelbeck, Santiago Flagel, Charly Alazraki, Miriam Herwald, Nik Wenzke

A new chapter for an aging department store: In 2016, JASPER ARCHITECTS won the competition for the transformation of East Berlin’s iconic CENTRUM WARENHAUS into a modern place for work. "UP!" reveals the building’s past pointing to its future with a new volumetric appearance, a new transparent building envelope, and two additional floors. The architects reimagined this landmark's urban presence through dramatic, terraced cutouts that bring natural lighting into the interior. Old structural elements regained visibility, well integrated into a modern office space designed for the digital era.