[Lemay - Humaniti Vertical Community - COVER IMG] Credit : Adrien Williams

Humaniti Vertical Community

Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Lead ArchitectAndrew King
Design TeamValentin Guirao, Designer, Architecte Jeffrey Ma, Designer, Architect Michel Aubé, Architecte, OAQ, NSAA, Associé, Directeur de projet Natalie Tornatora, Architecte, Chargée de projet Emanuel Cyr, Architecte, Chargé de projet Waldo Ofarill, Architecte, Chef d'équipe

Offering varying degrees of interactivity throughout, Humaniti is a modern, mixed-use project. Its sculptural, needle-like shape is like none other in the city. Designed as a multifunctional hive of interwoven private and public spaces, this vertical community pushes the limits of biophilic design and sustainable development through a human-centered approach and variety of vocations that embody the lives of its users. Seamlessly merging the metropolitan and the pedestrian, its centerpiece of an expansive urban plaza links notions of space and place together with landscaped greenery and art.