Yongin, Yeonliji

Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
CompanyL'EAU Design
Lead ArchitectDongjin Kim
Design TeamYoojung Kim, Sanghak Lee, Jonghwa Hong, Jeongyeol Kwon, Byungho Lee, Youngjae Jang, Yunpil Cheon, Suyeon Cheon, Joohyun Song

“Yeonliji” means trunks and branches of two different trees grow together and become one tree.This project is a laboratory for Research and Development, but it challenges a typical laboratory by offering a new program to the local. ‘Mecenat’ program has been introduced within the building to contribute to the local community. The size of Auditorium space has been formed in order to accommodate the various cultural performance for the community. There is not only just the local exhibition hall that freely opened up to the community, but also a science library for the students from school nearby