[Studio Synthesis architecture & design - Betula Design Center - COVER IMG] Betula Design Center/Vladimir Popovic

Betula Design Center

Firm LocationPodgorica, Republic of Montenegro
CompanyStudio Synthesis architecture & design
Lead ArchitectPhd Sonja Radovic Jelovac,arch.
Design TeamMarija Lukic,arch., Danijela Mijajlovic, arch., Marko Jovic, landsc.arch., Maja Tisma, arch.
ClientKatarina Milic (Artefacto + Design Center)

Architectural concept for the new office building “Betula Design Center” in Kotor (Montenegro) is inspired by elegance and translucence of the birch-tree (lat.betula alba).The building base is elongated trapezoid,southwest-southeast orientation, transferred across ground floor and 2 upper floors.The floors are formed around the greened semi-atrium.The aim was to create visual barrier against the surrounding (storages, busy road)whilst allowing natural light to penetrate the interior. This was achieved with a semi-transparent perforated panels which created authentic, ventilated façade surface.