CES Chapel / Sacred Heart of Campus

Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Project locationTaoyuan, Taiwan
CompanyJJP Architects and Planners
Lead ArchitectJoshua J. Pan, FAIA
Design TeamSheng-Tien Yeh, Rafael Martinez, Jason C. Ouyang, Tzu-Hua Wu, Maya Cheng, Yu-Ting Lin, Shih-Fang Huang, Chia-Lin Yang
ClientCES Board of Trustees

The chapel at the Bade Campus functions as the spiritual and circulatory heart of the campus. The architectural design features steel columns extruded to the roofs, and reinforced with buttresses to form a long-span diagrid slab system mimicking the ribbed vaults in gothic architecture. Natural light diffuses through the glass clerestory and brightens the space throughout the day. As the morning light penetrates the stone façade, the chapel is filled with a spiritual aura while a bright cross is projected deep into the space, evoking the biblical passage “I'm the light of the world”.