[AMYN NASSER STUDIO - Voyeur [a] Nocturne - COVER IMG] Voyeur Nocturne: The Little House that fought demolition... Vancouver City of Lights a voyeuristic view. Exhibited at Olympic Village Vancouver, The Smithsonian Castle, Washington, D.C., This project took 10 months to photograph, won numerous Awards.

Voyeur [a] Nocturne

PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Cityscapes
LocationVancouver, Canada
PhotographerAmyn Nasser

Skyscrapers of luminous gold and silver hues rise up from the bright city streets into the night sky. Once the sun sets on Vancouver, the façade of the city, bathed in an iridescent glow, quickly transforms into an atmospheric backdrop for the city’s night owls. In his large-format pieces, Amyn Nasser captures this remarkable mood and allows each glittering window to tell its story. The voyeur inside us is brought out, and we search for the hidden details behind the glass like enthusiastic detectives. Amyn Nasser’s Voyeur Nocturne body of work is the result of a ten-month project.