Da Yu Memorial Hall

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationShaoxing, China
Lead ArchitectDong Danshen
Design TeamHe Jingtang, Wu Zhongping, Hu Huifeng, Jiang Lanlan, Huang Weiwei, Huang Diqi, Han Lifan, Zhang Yujun
ClientShaoxing Kuaijishan Resort Dayu Development and Investment Co., Ltd.

The Da Yu Memorial Hall is located in the Dayu Mausoleum Scenic Area with a construction area of 4,800 square meters above ground and 22,000 square meters underground. In the design, priority is given to respecting the order of nature. The architects reorganize the mountain and water layout on the original site and reinvent the relationship between architecture and nature with proper landscape design so as to hit a harmonious balance of architectural volume and natural features.