[GOA (Group of Architects) - Ice World of Tiantai Mountains - COVER IMG] Ice World of Tiantai Mountain Main Entrance ©2021 RudyKu

Ice World of Tiantai Mountains

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationTaizhou, China
CompanyGOA (Group of Architects)
Lead ArchitectLing Jian
ClientGreentown China

The Ice World of Tiantai Mountain is a comprehensive ice and snow theme park of 15,430 sqm and a landmark structure integrating sports and tourism. The planning and design follow a site-specific adaptation principle. The architectural form interacts organically with the surrounding nature, diminishing the architectural image and complementing the mountain environment. Regarding the historical religious culture of Tiantai Mountain, the facade design incorporates the oriental religious symbol of lotus flower. It converts the petals of the lotus into an abstract geometric representation.