[DP Architects Pte Ltd - Jurong Spring Community Club (JSCC) - COVER IMG] Frontage of Jurong Spring Community Club

Jurong Spring Community Club (JSCC)

Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
CompanyDP Architects Pte Ltd
Lead ArchitectSeah Chee Huang
Design TeamGwee Tong Mui, Albert Maniangap, Ken Ng, Melcas Lim
ClientPeople’s Association (PA)

Jurong Spring Community Club reimagines the typology of a community building into a porous and borderless social landscape. Nestled in a public housing heartland, it is in close proximity to shops, hawker center and a wet market. As a well-integrated community building, it cultivates social interaction and a sense of belonging to the neighborhood. The improved accessibility blurs the boundaries and extends itself into the surrounding urban fabric. An ode to its industrial past, the façade is a manifestation of the tectonic assemblage of light, textured surfaces with expanded aluminum mesh.