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Aerial view of the Olympic Sports Center ©CreatAR

Master Plan and Main Stadium Design of Xi’an Olympic Center

Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyPTW Architects
Lead ArchitectLIU Hui
Design TeamQIN Di, ZHANG Lu, MA Ruimin, ZHANG Yu, ZHU Yongjun, XI Xiangyu, DONG Qing, GE Yunpeng, JIA Yu, LIU Pei, ZHOU Wei, JIANG Wenping, WEN Shubin, GONG Tianyuan, ZHAO Chao,etc
Client Xi’an Free Trade Port Asset Management Co., Ltd. & Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Holdings Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Olympic Center is a multi-purpose sports facility that includes a 60,000 seats main stadium, 18,000 seats gymnasium and 4,000 seats swimming hall. The sports center functions as both games and show venues, which provides training for track and fields, football and other sports events. The Center also provides urban public space that accommodates music festivals, markets or festivals. Other facilities include underground parking, retail, services and training spaces that support games and activities.