[Olivier Blouin Photographe - Bourse de Commerce de Paris - COVER IMG] The delicate ring of concrete provides access to the three levels of exhibitions, all of which benefit from the city's natural light and all of which open onto the central space.

Bourse de Commerce de Paris

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Architecture Photography / Historic Interior
LocationMontreal, Canada
StudioOlivier Blouin Photographe
PhotographerOlivier Blouin

The work of total art is perfectly embodied in this work. After the entrance, a detour through the first gallery of exhibitions, including the critical work of Martial Raysse, leads to the discovery of the central and circular space of the exchange . Tadao Ando's minimal concrete architecture sublimates the building, its 29-meter diameter and 9-meter high cylinder opening the view to the glass roof reflecting the PariUrs Fischer's Abduction of the Sabine women, a wax replica of Giambologna's work, slowly burning in the middle of the space , amplifies the vision between earth and sky.