[Miguel de la Torre mta+v - REAL DE LOS REYES - COVER IMG] Real de los Reyes interior facade / Jaime Navarro


Firm LocationMexico, Mexico
Project locationMexico City
CompanyMiguel de la Torre mta+v
Lead ArchitectMiguel de la Torre

Real de los Reyes is a group of houses located in the Coyoacan borough, south Mexico City, where museums, craft markets, and public spaces full of history stand out. The key element here is the introduction of a patio between the houses. This space acts as ventilation, and a light entrance. The facades of the houses are concrete latticework with circular perforations, which gives the inner courtyard of each one of them, creating a connection with the exterior in a subtle, revealing, and discreet way at times, playing with the incidence of the sun, creating shadows inside throughout the day.