[Horibe Associates - MIMOSA PUDICA - COVER IMG] MIMOSA PUDICA facade/Hiroyuki Hirai


Firm LocationTAKATSUKI-CITY, Japan
CompanyHoribe Associates
Lead ArchitectNaoko Horibe
Design TeamShunya Takahashi tectonic studio
ClientKanto real estate

This is a railroad-facing apartment for rent. It is located in a low rise residential district between a railway extending approximately 11 meters and a residential road extending 4 meters. With maximum height limits of 10m and minimum living room area of 25 square meters in mind, we drew up a plan. With the theme being the environmental impact statements of low rise housing neighborhoods, we took into consideration a pleasant living environment and high earnings of these areas. The size of one unit is 2.4m x 13.2m. The bathroom is placed in the middle, dividing the space in two.