[Maria Gomez + Hector Coss + Giovanni Ocampo  - CASA SANTOS - COVER IMG] Casa Santos photo: Jaime Navarro


Firm LocationMexico City , Mexico
CompanyMaria Gomez + Hector Coss + Giovanni Ocampo
Lead ArchitectMARIA GOMEZ + HÉCTOR COSS + Giovanni ocampo

Casa Santos tries to respond to the hyper-growth of Todos Santos, BCS, to through a sustainable, resilient architecture in tune with thenatural and urban context. It is a place of rest, reflection and life that participates in the dialogue between the desert of Baja California and the Pacific Ocean.It is composed of four modules (cubes) of a plant and equal dimensions: a room with a kitchen and three rooms with individual bathrooms. Each of the four cubes is integrated to the outside through a gate sliding that acts as a facade. From inside, it's a window and a passage towards an architecture