[Perkins&Will - Oscar Ibirapuera - COVER IMG] Leonardo Finotti

Oscar Ibirapuera

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Lead ArchitectDouglas Tolaine
Design TeamDouglas Tolaine, Fernando Vidal, Lara Kaiser, Adriana Barbosa, Fátima Oliveira, Fernando Afonso, Gabriel Freitas, Renan Kadomoto, Fábio Jungstedt, Guilherme Ramalho,César Ramos,Mariana Coltro,Thiago Scandolara, Deborah Sayao
ClientTrisul S.A.

Gardens by Burle Marx, five projects by Oscar Niemeyer and a rich cultural calendar make Ibirapuera Park one of the most emblematic landmarks in São Paulo. The allusion to the architecture of the park begins at the entrance of the building, where a large pavilion with floating slabs and wooden cladding features pillars inspired by the traits of Oscar Niemeyer. A tear in the roof of the pavilion, which houses the social areas, refers to the organic shapes of Ibirapuera - residents can see the swimming pool of their apartments through this tear and observe the green roof with native vegetation.