[Zozaya Arquitectos - Avándaro 333 - COVER IMG] Where context and architecture converge / César Belio

Avándaro 333

Firm LocationZihuatanejo, Mexico
CompanyZozaya Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectDaniel Zozaya Valdes
Design TeamEnrique Zozaya, Ángel Sotelo, José Antonio Vázquez, Ana Karen Cadena, Esthela Valenzuela, César Octavio, Jesús López, Carlos Perezlara.

Located in the heart of Avándaro, Valle de Bravo, Avándaro 333 is a housing project developed on a 17,000m2 site, which is conceived from two fundamental firsts; The consolidation of an active and collaborative community and respecting the natural context in which the project is immersed, resulting in contemporary architecture with awareness and memory, in synergy with the vernacular architecture of the region and integrating nature to the maximum so that the user can enjoy the forest, the views and the proximity to the town of Avándaro.