[la Shed Architecture - Les Rochers - COVER IMG] photo credits : Maxime Brouillet

Les Rochers

Firm LocationMontréal, Canada
Companyla Shed Architecture
Lead ArchitectRenée Mailhot, Sébastien Parent, Yannick Laurin
ClientVincent Morel, Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken

On the west point of Havre Aubert Island, the southernmost of the Magdalen Islands, you will find Les Rochers, with its choppy profile that mirrors the cliffs surrounding the Islands. These two houses with their sculptural silhouettes open up on the maritime landscape and offer a graphic and embodied vision of the traditional gable roof typology. Playing with the geometry, the architects propose a contemporary reinterpretation by breaking the proportions and creating asymmetric forms, a playful nod to the vernacular architecture of the Islands.